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Nutrient Co

Redefining the Spirit of Farming

Nutrient Co is created with a view in mind of giving back to the community as we all are aware of how this Covid pandemic affected our lives and gave us time to contemplate about our eating habits and lifestyle. So here we are to help you fill your diet with some essential nutrients through our produce that is grown in a controlled environment free from any kind of pests which saves our crops from being troubled by any sort of pesticides plus these veggies grow almost three times faster than the traditional agriculture. Also we are taking care of our natural resource i.e. our precious Water as hydroponics uses only 10-15% of it as compared to soil farming.

From the Founder

"After having lost my father to cancer, I researched a lot about the factors owing to the increasing number of cancer patients in India, and you will be surprised to know that in our country, on an average every family of 5 has one cancer patient.

While, my dad was battling cancer, it was so difficult to get my hands on chemical and pesticide free food. This was my one of the key motivational factors, that I left behind our family business, and decided to start a hydroponic farm. Because if not much, I definitely thought, of contributing my bit to the society. Having been gone through the pain of seeing your nearest ones struggling for life everyday, that's the last thing I would want anyone else to go through.

But as we began catering our produce in DELHI/ NCR, we realized that we are only able to cater to upper middle class, because of the affordability.

This is we took one leap forward, and launched Hydroponic HOME KITS, because good health, is like a fundamental right, and must be affordable for everybody." says Arpit Jain, Founder at Nutrient Co


To make available purest health in each and every household, and to every individual. 


Meditative farming techniques is what distinguishes us in the market. Nutrient Co integrates hydroponic with yogic farming methods, where through meditative techniques we empower the seeds at the time of germination, and along their growth process, which not only results in better quality produce, but has also shown improved health results in consumers. Our consumers report that they feel happier and healthier, not only physically but emotionally and mentally too.

At NUTRIENT CO, we firmly believe

"Jaisa ann, Wasia Mann.

Jaisa Mann, Waisa Tann."

OTHER PROJECTS (Poly-House Set Up)

At Nutrient Co, we also believe in TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE, and through our experience as commercial farmers, we have also enabled many budding entrepreneurs start their own hydroponic farms and many gardening enthusiasts set up home gardens & terrace gardens. So far we have installed and successfully deployed 30,000 square meter of land into hydroponic facility, and the journey continues. We offer end to end solutions to our clients, from Poly-house setup to NFT installations. We take care of any kind of customizations the client desires, and feel it as our obligatory duty to guide our customer through the process, even after installation. 

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