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Gifting for all Occassions

Wondering what to gift to your loved ones? Worry no more!


Gifting Health

Because we care for you and your loved ones!

Whether its appreciating your Clients or Employees.

Whether its a Goodie Basket with your Wedding Invite or on Sagan/ Ring Ceremony

Whether its a Birthday Gift or Wedding Anniversary Blessing

Whether its for Christmas, New Years', Diwali

Nothing can beat GIFTING HEALTH to your loved ones.

Nutrient Co offers a variety of gift hampers, that includes a range of goodies like our very popular salad boxes, green and herbs like basil, arugula, butterhead, lollo rosso, thyme, etc., with a choice of adding Artisanal Cheese from our sister concern Caroselle, Bakery items like chocolates, breads, croissants, cakes. We enable our clients to choose and customize what goes in their hampers or gift baskets. Baskets can also be customized based on ones budget. Our Greens stay fresh for 7-10 days (sometimes even more).

Gone are the days when we used to gift baskets with tin packed or pre packed goodies. Today, our health demands gifting and receiving only what is fresh. And what pleases our taste buds more than the freshly harvested or freshly baked. So wait no more, be the star in your circle, and set a niche by gifting Nutrient Co's GIFT HAMPERS.


We accept bulk orders as well. 

Say no to Packaged Food!

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